About Cornelius Choy

1420838361_TonyA member of the International Association of Registered Financial Planners, Inc., Cornelius Choy possesses extensive experience helping clients secure their wealth. He previously served as an investment advisor to corporations, pension plans, and trusts for HD Vest Securities. There, he implemented investment strategies that balanced minimal risk with high returns, and he won recognition as a top advisor and producer from Fidelity Investments’ Institutional Brokerage Group. As a financial advisor for WallStreet E, Cornelius Choy developed customized retirement plans and investment accounts that helped business clients reduce their losses to corporate taxes by thousands of dollars.

Currently, Cornelius (aka Tony) Choy serves as an enrolled agent tax preparer for C & C Associates, Inc., in Hayward, California. He provides tax planning, preparation, and review for individuals, as well as limited liability companies, partnerships, and corporations. As an enrolled agent, he is authorized to represent clients before the IRS and has successfully defended clients against IRS audits in areas such as reported business revenue and claimed deductions for charitable donations. Each tax season, Tony Choy and his colleagues at C & C Associates file more than 500 tax returns and help minimize tax burdens for many highly satisfied clients.

Outside of his profession, Mr. Choy participates in international ballroom dancing events and practices dancing with his partner three times per week. He also enjoys taking vacations on cruises to various destinations.

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